Operation & Maintenance - ENGAIA


ENGAIA provides comprehensive monitoring, maintenance, and technical support services for solar photovoltaic installations.

With its extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of solar photovoltaic installations, ENGAIA offers the most integrated and specialized maintenance services.

  • Biannual and annual preventive maintenance of the E/M installation.
  • Drone inspection and thermographic analysis
  • 24/7 telemetry and data logging of the installation
  • Monitoring and technical support by specialized engineers
  • Immediate response for diagnosis and repair of critical faults
  • Cleaning and vegetation removal services for PV projects
  • Management of warranties and claims to manufacturers
  • Preparation of technical reports for insurance and financial institutions
  • Replacement of faulty equipment
  • Equipment upgrades and repowering
  • Insurance and performance guarantee for installation
  • Replacement parts for various types of PV panels, inverters, and other electromechanical equipment

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