Athanasios Goulas & Co. Ltld

With ENGAIA we added value to our P/V installation. High quality of construction and services and being always on time are some of the elements featuring ENGAIA S.A. Of course, another important thing is security and calmness we feel with the high quality After Sales Services of the company about our P/V park.

Alexandros Pantazis

The first good impression I had from ENGAIA was in 2007, when I first came in contact with the field. The company was among the installers that I would surely consider, if i had decided to construct the projects the licensing procedures of which i was then initiating. Finally, since the first project, which got connects in the early 2011, to the last one, connected on July 2012, ENGAIA has responded to every single aspect of all projects, which had to do with ground morphology, bad weather conditions, or even extremely pressing time plans. All projects are very well constructed and their performance and smooth operation confirm every day my decision to trust ENGAIA.

Georgios Vardatsikas

I worked with ENGAIA in order to have a P/V installed at home, on June 2012. The speed of implementation and the technical perfection of the project, as well as the technical competency of the staff and their professional way of work are the main elements that have given a fully efficient and reliable result.

Dimitrios Georgiadis

My first collaboration with ENGAIA was 3 years ago, when P/V projects had started, with the implementation of a 100KW park. The second one was about six months ago, when we finished another two projects. ENGAIA is ever since there, in order to support us, keeping high standards of quality in products and services.

Ilias Kehagias

I started working with ENGAIA in 2007 and ever since our relationship is excellent. It is an innovative company in the Renewable Energy field, with a great know - how and always supporting their customers. Security and trust is what we feel when implementing projects with ENGAIA. For us, ENGAIA is the only choice of an investor.

Theodoros Kiorpes

When you first meet the executive members of ENGAIA, you lose anxiety of communication and uncertainty. In your second meeting, you know everything about what you are going to have, when, and what it offers to you. In the third meeting, there is the presentation and delivery of the project. As of then, there is always somebody to watch and inform you on everything going on. With the quality of people of ENGAIA, the correct selection of materials and their know - how, the result on my project was 162000kw/h, in 12 months from a fixed park.

Konstantinos Katsalis

A team of young people who love what they do and have great respect for their client. They are always there for any problem you might have, which they resolve with kindness and method. This is Engaia. Our collaboration was great. I wish them all the best to what they do.

Lazaros Sefiha

A few years ago, when i had started the procedure of licensing for two P/V parks and had started a market research, my conclusion was that, due to the special features of the construction and maintenance of a P/V project with an expected lifespan over 20 years, my goal shouldn’t be to find just a supplier, but a reliable partner in order to implement them. After the completion of two parks, and after almost two years of working together, i am convinced that ENGAIA is the most reliable collaborator. In my attempt to analyze what makes a company reliable, i found out that apart from using high quality products and having technical efficiency, what really make a company stand out is its people. People of ENGAIA are those who create trust and add value to the company.

Nikolaos Papandreou

My failing attempts, lasting over 17 months, on national level to find people that would respect their work and wouldn’t stick on their cliché discussion with their mirror made me be very strict about my optimism for the investment i was about to make. I saw from inside that all these special assistants and defenders of their unique skills share their skills, full of papers having underneath just a signature. This is how i got to ENGAIA: to discuss my future investment, again. Soon, I started considering that these people had true professional knowledge and human honesty, that would certainly be depicted on their work, which was about to happen. I got convinced that people in ENGAIA are real specialists on their field, contrary to others, whose words sounded to me like a reproduction of nothing. Today, three years since the completion of my little investment, I am sure that the ship I travelled on was not bearing the flag of easy. Finally, I believe that the constant and friendly presence of the company close to their customers is lead by their inner vision for the best, and not by am imposed professional duty. On the minor problems that appeared, they have been real family.

Charalampos Micheal

Our company “TSELEMPANI KATERINA & Co” has recently implemented two P/V parks, 100KW each, in Argolida. Our decision to choose ENGAIA S.A for this construction was decisive for the successful implementation of our investment. It fully responded to the demands of the projects and within 45 days they delivered our parks connected. What is really important was that the limited available time did not prevent them from implementing two projects of high quality and according to the most modern specifications, to the current rules of the field and with very high standards. The support we received and still receive from the company, after the construction, is also important. We are fully satisfied by our collaboration and it is certain that we will trust them again in our future investment.

Christos Partsenidis

Working with ENGAIA S.A. was the only real choice I had. The company managed to gain our trust with their profile and reliability. They answered patiently all our questions and we were fully satisfied by this. Our project was implemented successfully, as ENGAIA S.A. managed to deliver it on time, without any effect on quality, exceeding even our demanding expectations. Today, 14 months since the completion of the project, ENGAIA S.A. sticks to its values, responding immediately to any issue that might appear. We thank by heart Alexandros Yiannis and all the implicated staff. ENGAIA is our first choice.

Christos Poulidis

After my experience from ENGAIA, which I selected to install P/V’s on my roof, what I would like to say is that ENGAIA’s people are professionals and efficient on their work. I’d recommend you do a market research and see yourself that their prices are the best, for all products. Already I have introduced them to some colleagues, who are also satisfied ENGAIA’s clients!!