High Performance

Construction of cutting-edge technical specifications projects.
Performance: In a comparison based on the public available information from P/V installation telemetry systems (such as Sunny Portal and GreenPowerMonitor) and within comparable periods of operation, ENGAIA projects dominate in Northern Greece in terms of performance and produced energy, which automatically means top certified performance in all comparative evaluations.
Warranty bond and guaranteed delivery times.
Certified quality:
ENGAIA applies the international standard ISO9001:2008 of quality of provided services and products, as well as the international standard ISO14001:2004 for the environment. Moreover, the products and electromechanical equipment manufactured by the company have all necessary certifications and CE. signing.
24hous O&M (operation and maintenance) with electronic control centre staffed by specialized engineers and automatism specialists. Wide range of after sales services of maintenance and technical support.
Manufacture of electromechanical equipment and automations provides it with important know-how on implementation and maintenance of its installations, and more specifically when solar trackers and biomass applications are used.
Competent engineers
with rich experience in building and electromechanical installations, and in implementation of Renewable Energy projects.