Biomass is a Renewable Energy Source that can be used for thermal and electric energy production.

It is an important, inexhaustible and environmentaly friendly source of energy, which could have a major contribution in energy sufficiency by replacing the continuously decreasing reserves of  fossil fuels (oil, carbon, natural gas etc).

The use of biomass enables us to receive important quantities of energy for the production of heat, cooling, electricity, either by direct combustion, or by transforming it into gases, liquid and/ or solid fuel through thermochemical or biochemical processes.

ENGAIA offers vertically integrated services for the production and exploitation of biomass utilising the most contemporary technologies. Having created collaborations with large equipment suppliers, and also through its rich experience in the Renewable Energy sector, the company offers solutions for the licensing, implementation, supplying and maintenance of electric power production installations by the use of biomass as raw material. At the same ENGAIA pioneers by developing and producing CHP equipment of Biomass Gasification technology.