Electromechanical Equipment

For the construction of P/V installations, ENGAIA has in its range of suppliers, suppliers of basic infrastructure equipment as well as of electromechanical equipment, internationally recognised and with all necessary certifications.

Supplying of the used electro mechanic equipment (cables, switching materials, earthing materials etc),  is from famous brands, fulfilling all the necessary standards as per the use they are designated. 

ENGAIA  produces boards, not only for its own projects but also for third parties. In the premises of the company, there is special space for the production and manufacture of  power boards, according to the standards and specifications and particularities of each installation. The engineers of our company study and plan solutions for any need of the installations, depending on its size. Power boards include AC/DC voltage boards, communication and telemetry boards. All boards have CE signing and are according to the standards and current EU regulations of this domain. 

  • Production of Low voltage power boards for home P/V installations up to 10kW.
  • Production of Low voltage  grouping power boards for P/V stations.
  • Production of Central low voltage power boards up to 100kW.
  • Production of Telemetry system power boards.
  • Production of Automation systems power boards for sun monitoring systems (Sun Tractors).
  • Manufacture of other electric material (conductive sensors, cables etc).
  • Certified as per ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and CE.