Maintenance and technical support

Thanks to its rich experience in maintaining P/V parks, ENGAIA offers modern project monitoring infrastructure.

In the seat of our company there is a control room, working under the surveillance of specialized engineers, in which, using special software (monitoring software & ERP), the project is controlled real-time and, as long as it is necessary, direct technical intervention is guaranteed. But we are not limited only to the installation quality. Our projects achieve the best performance also thanks to their being closely monitored during their operation.

Maintenance Services

  • Regular on-the-spot interventions for preventive maintenance of the basic equipment of the installation.
  • Optional maintenance services, such as installation cleaning, washing P/V panels etc.
  • 24-hour monitoring of the installation through telemetry and internet systems.
  • Keeping track of the installation variables in external data bases and real-time depiction.
  • Keeping track of maintenance history and of the installations facts.
  • Annual technical operation reports of the investment.

Technical Support Services

  • Specialized technician available daily, 7 days/ week, including bank holiday and weekends.
  • Specialized telephone helpline for technical support issues.
  • Direct response within 48 hours for identification of important damages.
  • Direct damages and installation problems solution.
  • Replacement of defective equipment and guarantee administration & extension by the producers.
  • Technical interventions for the improvement of the installation performance.